Privacy Policy

Standard Data Collection

In order for us to know that the website is functioning correctly and to improve performance we collect standard data without you revealing any personal information.

This information helps us to determine whether the viewing screen will load properly for you, making sure that links to the website are working correctly for you to reach the website, and the consistency of the data links in performing their service 24/7-365. 

The statistics gathered from you viewing the website therefore include your browser type, your internet service provider, the website that referred you to us, the pages that you request and the time and date that those pages are requested.

Personal Data Collection

Some users of the website simply have a look at the website whilst others wish to interact.  In order to interact, to ask for further information or request our products or services, users are then required to exchange contact information such as their email address.  We make reasonable efforts to secure collection and tranmission of such data collection.  Please be aware that we cannot guarantee safety of transmission of your data and we offer no liability for you undertaking to do so.

The services of ECO1 are in regards to sales and marketing.  Therefore by choosing to offer any personal information your data may be used for sales and marketing purposes.  If you have any doubts in regard to sharing personal data then we ask you not to do so. Should you not wish for any information that you provide to be used for sales and marketing purposes, you my unsubscribe to any sales and marketing data activity by fully completing our short "Unsubscribe Form" on this website.

You may wish to receive more data from ECO1 and those organisations and individuals that we work with.  To find out more about potentially useful topics such as new eco sales and marketing initiatives or general eco news, you may wish to receive the ECO1 Newsletter.  If so, please complete the short form titled "Subscribe".

Scope of Privacy Policy

This policy applies only to this website and is governed by our Website Terms and Conditions of Use and our standard Terms & Conditions of Sale that are available upon request and supplied with all orders.

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