Simple Teleworker CRM that Works.. !

Teleworker CRM

Keeping it Simple!


Most telemarketing campaigns can be conducted by ECO1 using simple spreadsheets such as MS Excel.

We also offer Excel online and a diary online through a secure encrypted portal.  So you can keep track of all the appointments, sales and events we arrange for you.

Why don't we use a complicated system?  We like to Keep it Simple (KIS).  We have yet to meet a customer who is not able to use MS Excel, saving them time and money.

We are migrating from Paper to Digital as part of our internal Sustainable Marketing agenda.

Simple CRM for all our customers

At ECO1 we work with a broad spectrum of customers.  We are happy to help other sales and marketing agencies who need help on specialist eco telemarketing projects.  Most of our work is directly
with SME's, Blue Chips, Charities,
and Government Departments.

ECO1 Simple CRM Summary

1) We host the MS Excel system, reducing
your need for hardware.

2) In the unlikely event that you do not
have MS Excel, you can access the sales
data via our hosted online system without
every needing to buy the software.

3) If you want to merge data with another
CRM system, all you have to do is define
the fields for us to use in Excel then
import back in to your database.

4) In the unlikely event that you do not
know how to use MS Excel, we can train
you very quickly how to use it.  Of course
we will not charge you a vast sum of money just to learn this basic software, unlike most vendors of expensive CRM systems.  We're ethical as well as 'green marketing' experts.

5) Do not be misled by hype and gadgets. 
If you really wanted to see our team
working in real time, we could arrange this for you, so you can see our method of 'green marketing' in practice.

6) You probably already have your own database.  If not we can build one for you from scratch.  Again, MS Excel is the easiest format to work in.

7) If you want to buy a database, we can recommend some suppliers for you, or even buy a database on your behalf.  Virtaully all databases for sale can be purchased in MS Excel format.

8) If you can really think of anything that we could not do for you in terms of telemarketing using MS Excel, please do let us know. Please contact the 'Green Marketing' team @

Functionality or Fad?

Most business people have used MS Excel at some point in their working life. 

That's why if you purchase a database from most reputable suppliers, it will be supplied in MS Excel.

Whilst it is easy to knock Microsoft, when you actually work out how many people work in MS Excel with minimal or zero problems, it is easy to see why Excel is so popular.

Will the expensive CRM application system you have looked at, add an extra column just when you need it?  Are  additional CRM systems cheap to buy or maintain?

In all honesty, which CRM system cannot import data from Excel, but is the opposite true? 

if you want to know which calls are due on any given day, how many seconds does an MS Excel "data sort" take to place all your calls neatly in date order?

Still want more functionality?

Where required, we can offer addional functionality over simple Excel via an Intranet / Extranet service.

We could write generic emails for you as part of your campaign.  Where applicable, these could include an "intro" email, a "meeting confirmation" email and / or a "sale closed" email.

If you want additional columns for tracking ideas during a campaign - just ask. 

For example you might want us to take mobile phone numbers for your prospects.  It may take ages programming an expensive CRM system, but only seconds in MS Excel.

If you would like to know more, why not contact ECO1 today?       

Why not choose digital insead of paper for your 'green marketing' agenda.

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