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Appointment Making for your sales executives to meet customers face-to-face or online.  Fully qualified appointments where you need them and when you need them.  ECO1 experts rapidly learn your offering to generate sales opportunities for your business.

2) Telesales for creating sales orders directly over the telephone.  The fastest method to bring cash in to your business.  The low-carbon way to more sales.

3) Market Research is the best method to understand your marketplace.  As a standalone operaton or integrated into our Appointment Making or Telsales.

Eco Passion

We receive numerous calls from eco organisations, who already outsource their sales and marketing.  Again and again, we hear "well they said they could sell anything, but in the end I don't think they really understood the Sustainable Marketing".  Do you need to switch your telemarketing to the Sustainable Marketing experts?

The ECO1 team are passionate about all things eco, green and sustainable.  Unlike the run-of-the-mill competition, we do not sell pharmaceuticals one day then conduct eco marketing the next day.  We just help eco  organisations to make their sales and marketing budgets work harder for them.

Our telemarketing team are like battery hens finally led to a free range organic existence.  Once couped up in call centres, our telemarketing people are now free to live green and work eco.  So we understand 'green marketing'.

Our team is constantly expanding, especially our telemarketing team.  Why? Because we only hire people with a passion for eco marketing and the self-determination to succeed.  Whether you need sustainable marketing or 'green marketing' - just call.

For English speaking contracts, we only hire people with good english speaking accents.  Dialects are not important, but understanding and clarity mean everything.

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I wouldn't like to say that we are all over 40 years old at ECO1, but most of us have at least a few grey hairs. 

Some of our team were born with recycled spoons in their mouth; but most of us came from a sales background first, and became interested in everything eco over the last decade or two.

ECO1 is our chance as experts in eco sales and eco marketing to make a difference to the World.

The ECO1 team members have "been-around-the-block" a few times and have broader goals than simply improving their bank balance.

We are not rocket scientists (although some of our team are highly technical in terms of renewable technologies). 

First and foremost, we are sales and marketing experts who seriously believe that our contribution to your eco marketing will make a positive impact in the world.

Just one day per week of calling from our telemarketing team, could make all the difference to your eco marketing.  Why not call today for an informal chat?


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