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Centre for Alternative Technology
The Centre for Alternative Technology exists to promote another way of living, which looks at the outcomes of our actions.  If we want to survive in the future without environmental and humanitarian crises, our best hope lies with understanding and working with natural processes, rather than trying to conquer nature.

Debdale Eco Centre
Based in Gorton, Debdale Eco Centre is a not-for-profit environmental organisation working across Greater Manchester to promote composting, organic growing and sustainable living.

Southport Eco Visitor Centre
The Southport Eco Visitor-Centre is a unique gateway for travel into Southport, offering a practical demonstration of sustainability and inspiring visitors to consider our impact on the environment through stimulating information about energy, transport and tourism.

The Centre sits on the Esplanade Park and Ride site and offers free access to information about the environment with a particular focus on Climate Change, Energy, Water, Travel and Tourism.

West Wales Eco Centre
The ECO Centre is a registered charity and non-profit business limited by guarantee based in Newport, Pembrokeshire. We work with a number of partners and funders to promote the issues surrounding energy use and its impact on sustainability and the environment. This includes projects that focus on fuel poverty, renewable energy and environmental education. We also provide a free advice service across North, Mid and South West Wales.

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