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Aire and Sun Power Systems Ltd
Aire and Sun design, supply and install Solar Electric (pv) and wind turbine systems, for leisure, domestic and commercial use. We also supply products through our online shop including solar PV panels, controllers, turbines, inverters and associated equipment.

'Echarger is a small company aiming to make a big difference to the environment by offering a range of environmentally friendly - and extremely useful - battery and mobile chargers for people on the move or out of reach of a standard power supply.

Echarger's range of fashionable, energy efficient and solar travel chargers is available in a variety of formats to suit a wide range of portable gadgets, from mobile phones to MP3 players; digital cameras to portable DVD's; game consoles to sat navs and lots more.

Never run out of juice again! Echarger gives you a readily available supply of energy to charge your equipment, no matter where you are: on the move; at college or work; or even stranded in the middle of nowhere.'

The biggest step you can make is probably the easiest.  Not everybody realises the burning of fossil fuels to make electricity is the single biggest cause of climate change in our country today, but even less people realise that the biggest thing you can do is also the easiest.  And that is simply to change where your electricity comes from.

Bioenergy Technology Ltd
Bioenergy Technology Limited are based in Framfield, East Sussex and are wood fired boiler specialists for manual log, cookers, semi and fully automatic wood chip, wood pellets or energy crops for under floor or radiator central heating and hot water, from 3kWatt room heaters for domestic up to 4mWatts industrial and above including Combined Heat and Power.

We are a team of professionals, some with over thirty years of experience in the Biomass sector. Bioenergy is a member of the Renewable Power Association and a fully accredited supplier and installer under the UK governments ‘Clearskies’, DTI ‘Low Carbon Buildings Programme’, Scottish Renewables grant schemes and The Carbon Trust ‘Action energy’ interest free loan for businesses, and have equipment registered on the Energy Technology List.

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