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Sales Appointment Making

ECO1 could provide
you with fully qualified
appointments via low
carbon Telemarketing.

Let ECO1 focus on
making the right appointments -
So that your sales team
spend time closing
sales instead.

You set the pace,
the type of prospective
customers and the
geographical area
you wish to cover.
We do the rest.

Ask us about our low
carbon approach.

At the heart of any sales campaign, is the ability to meet up with prospective customers, either face-to-face, online or via telephone.

We provide you with appointment setting and sales lead generation telemarketing services  We're not the biggest telemarketing agency, but we like to think we are the best.

We only create genuine sales opportunities - duff appointments are a waste of time, however much or little they cost you.

Before we start a project - we will always spend time to thoroughly understand your requirements.  Unlike our competitors, we won't charge you for this service.  ECO1 believe that 'getting it right' goes with the job and is not an extra service.

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Less Travel/More Sales Meetings

Like you, ECO1 do not believe in
wasteful carbon emissions, spent on
travel to duff appointments.  Sustainable Marketing demands low carbon results.

ECO1 Telemarketing avoids excessive
carbon emissions and produces rapid results - it's all about 'Green Marketing'.

For additional carbon savings, it is worth considering a Tele conference or online demo Appointment to discuss your products and services.


Green Passion

We are all GREEN TECHIES at ECO1 and we express this in our passion for sustainable marketing of your products. 

ECO1 offer Telemarketing Campaigns from as little as 2 days PCM.  Our consultative approach and eco knowledge provide the results other agencies can only dream of.

To date every single customer has been excited by our results.  Contact the 'Green Marketing' team today to boost your sales -

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