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Low Carbon Telesales

You could remove the
high cost of field sales,
and reduce your
carbon footprint.

At the same time you
could be making rapid

We're always happy to discuss commission
based projects for customers seeking

Whether you need more
advertising sales or you
need to boost your retail
or online potential,
talk to the eco sales
experts - ECO1
Some products and services can be sold via telesales, without ever meeting a customer face-to-face. 

We are NOT a call centre - we are a team of hand-picked Sustainable Marketing experts - trained to increase your Return On Investment via telesales.

The first item on our agenda, is to understand your needs and your business. 

If you are new to telesales we will help to guide you through the process, from our years of experience.  If you are an 'old hand' at telesales - then simply provide us with a brief and let us start banking money for you - your way.

Eco Telesales is ideal for all publishers of eco / green / sustainable publications.  Whether you need to boost online or hard copy sales - with our low day-rates and commission based model - we could help you reach those profitablilty targets - and more.

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Sales Without Frontiers

Using ECO1 Telesales, you would not be inhibited by any geographical barriers.

ECO1 telemarketers can use up-to-date payment transactions and telephony.  

Our highly skilled Telesales people could be injecting cash directly into your bank account - very rapidly.

Telemarketing Experts

Our eco telesales team are sales people first, with a passion for sustainable marketing.
That's why we are always prepared to discuss commission payments on telesales - because we know that sales will be made.

Contact ECO1 today to see if our telesales could start generating rapid cash in to your bank account.

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