So what is the ECO1 Green Policy.....?


Practice What you Preach.. ?

ECO1 is a green company helping other companies to become greener in their work.

We strive to offer our services to companies who often lack specialist sales and marketing skills, especially telemarketing and business development.

These skills are essential to the financial success of any organisation. We believe that the financial success of eco concepts and green organisations will lead to a positive environmental evolution.

Despite having the best product, many companies fail because potential customers did not even know they existed!

Our methods of working not only reduce our carbon footprint but they often reduce the marketing costs for our customers. At ECO1 we believe that going green does not have to mean spending more. We believe that Climate Change issues will cease to be a problem when economics and ecology are harmonised.

Our ethos is to use recycled materials wherever possible, limit travel wherever possible, and to power our work via renewable energy wherever we can.  We also aim to extend these policies to our suppliers.

A Common Sense Approach

The prime directive of ECO1 is to challenge the convention that everyone has to travel to work. Using sophisticated communications technology, or the simplicity of a telephone; today, much business can be completed without the need for travel. Wherever possible, ECO1 seek to boost sales for companies via telephone, email, fax and text. Conversely, we encourage all our team to travel as little as possible to their place of work.

Our website host relies solely on renewable energy. utilising wind, water and solar power in accordance with the Renewable Energy Certification System (RECS).

When it comes to marketing collateral, our design team work from a studio powered by wind, water and solar power.  Moreover, we have one of the broadest ranges of recycled materials for marketing from paper to exhibition stands.

Our bank was even named as overall winner in the first FT Sustainable Banking Awards.

Cycle, Recycle, or break the chain?

Certainly, some of our team prefer a cycle to a car – but shouldn’t the issue be “Why are we travelling if we don’t need to?” In the late 20th Century, the business slogan in the UK was “on your bike” if you wanted to work. This was not a push to get people to cycle to work – but a message that everyone should drive for miles or even fly off to work. This led to a proliferation of motor vehicles in gridlock and a huge increase in air-traffic. By the year 2000 there were millions of people across the West becoming a part of the pollution and climate change issues.

Faking it Green or Getting on Track?

If a business that has been polluting for
years suddenly starts recycling, should
that business be condemned for not
using sustainable energy? If they
implement sustainable energy – should
that business be condemned for
polluting transport policies?

At ECO1, we take a commonsense approach
that if a company wants to be greener,
then we want to help them. We look to the future not the past. We are not referring to the “spin” of trying to pretend that potentially harmful methods are somehow really green. We are referring to helping organisations to get on the right track.


Our Long-Term Green Goals

We want to become greener and we
want to help other organisations
to become greener.

If you have a product or service that
we can benefit from – we always
welcome new ideas. Wherever possible, we use sustainable resources and we aim to minimise our impact upon the environment.

Our long-term goals are not only to benefit our customers; we want to help our team to gain access to ecologically sound products and services at the most economical prices. We believe this will come about as green sales increase.

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