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Powerful Market Research

At ECO1 we offer you
eco market research.
Research to help
you understand
your prospects, your
customers, and your

Research can help
you to win the right
business and to
avoid costly

ECO1 offer eco marketing research as a stand alone service or embedded within telemarketing services.  You will adore our service and you will love our competitive prices.

We can source databases for you or build them for you.  We can examine your eco marketing arena to help you gain the edge over your competitors.

We will help you to gain valuable information  to make sure that you understand your market place.  We even find information that can help you to take advantage of opportunities that you may have otherwised missed.


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(1) An Introduction to Researching Competitors
(2) A Guide to Sources of Market and Business Information
(3) A Guide to Sources of Statistical Information

Understanding Your Market Place?

ECO marketing research will help you to understand your marketplace.  We can help organisations at pre-trading stage with  new markets, through to established organisations looking to consolidate their position.

The fastest method of market research is via telemarketing - the sustainable marketing way.

The market research phase can include list building, directory building, and database cleansing, prior to a sales campaign.  Better Eco Marketing Intelligence means better sales performance.

New Start Ventures/New Products

Sustainable Marketing research via telemarketing can help provide confirmation that a market exists for your products and services.  You can prove to yourself, your team and your investors that your project has the potential for success.

Whether you require 'Green Marketing' or Sustainable Marketing - choose ECO1.

Established Products
- Fine tuning your sales

Many companies strive so hard to get
their product and their team right, that
they do not have time to assess
their customers. 

Your 'green marketing' place is going through a continuous process of change.  By understanding your customers better, you will be able to fine tune your sales processes to match changes.

Invest for Success

ECO marketing research costs less than
you may think.  Often an external agency such as ECO1 can take an impartial opinion and help you to see the wood and the trees.

The cost of eco marketing research can be recouped several times over by increased sales performance based on the results.  Why not contact us today to see how we can open your eyes to an increased sales potential?


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